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(trailer review) - Star Wars Outlaws

I think I am just a little conflicted. Star Wars does not have a great track record in Movies, TV shows and gaming. With that said, the last of anything that has been really good to great, is definitely the gaming scene with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. I have played Fallen Order and I really enjoyed it. Some of the handling with the controls is a little annoying, like the movement etc, but the story is good. The action is good. A few puzzles here and there but overall, very enjoyable. I've heard nothing but good things with Survivor, but I have not played Survivor yet but I will and I am sure I will enjoy it. An issue with Star Wars in gaming, is the monetisation which gamers experienced with Battlefront. I never got into that or dared to play it, but it was an absolute mess. The trust has not been there for a good reason, so when they announce a game is in the work, we all get a little apprehensive. Fallen Order and Survivor has been great, so, we ca

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